Saturday, June 24, 2017

A Veteran is a Veteran!

My grandfather, Wallace (Wopke) Asma, immigrated from Holland in 1920, he was 23 years old. He left his home in Holland for the U.S. two years after serving as a Border Guard along the Dutch-Belgium border in WWI .  He was sponsored to come to America by his older brother Henry Asma, who was already in the U.S., living and working in Niagara Falls, NY as a house painter. My grandfather joined his older brother in the House Painting business, and married my grandmother in 1926.  In 1942, at age 45, he submitted his U.S., WWII Draft Registration card in preparation to serve in yet another world war, only this time for his "new" country. He was never called to serve in WWII.

I'd like to recognize my grandfather as another of #theunfamousones

Friday, June 23, 2017

Capt. Dan Entrican another of #theunfamousones

When I was 12, our Girl Scout Troop rolled bandages for the Vietnam soldiers.  Our Troop Leader, Mrs. Rideout asked us if we wanted to send away for a POW bracelet.  Many of us did.  My bracelet read:  Capt. Dan Entrican USASF 18 May 1971.

My original bracelet was aluminum and I wore it until it broke. I remember checking the papers every day to see if he had come home after the war had ended.  I never found his name on the list. Over the decades,  I never forgot him.

When the Internet started, I did a search and found out what had happened to him, and that he had never been found.  It makes my soul weep.  I found a place online where I could replace my bracelet, this time with a stainless steel one that would not break. I wear it everyday so he is never forgotten.

In 2015, the traveling Vietnam War Memorial came to Lockport, NY and I went to pay my respects...but I could not leave my will remain with me until I join Capt. Dan.

He is another of  #theunfamousones who I would like to recognize.
My new bracelet says:  Lt. Danny Day Entrican, 18 May 1971 SVN/MIA (deceased)

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Welcome to The Unfamous Ones...where we want to recognize any and all veterans we encounter, share a story, post a photo and just let them know that we value and appreciate them!

Do you know a military veteran? Have you met one in your travels? If so, we want to recognize them for their service. All branches. All conflicts. All roles from cook to Colonel.  Living or deceased. Post their name, branch, and conflict.  Add a photo, a story, a message.  We want to recognize the millions of military men and women for their unselfish service to our country.

I'll start with my birth father...
Frank G. Thompson, S/Sgt. Army Air Corp, WWII, 1944-1946 (deceased).

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