Sunday, March 4, 2018

The War Letters

March 1, 1944

"Because we are taking our 64  physical today, we have been given a free day." It's been taken up by shining shoes, taking care of laundry and the like. Today is gas mask day. He has to carry the mask with him all day, but at least the alert is over with for the day. The boys just returned from their physicals and are asking for more cookies. Too late. They're all gone early last night. "The fellows think [his mother] must know someone in a Black Market because [she] got those nuts to put in the cookies." They were supposed to get passes for tonight, but 12 of them were "bad boys" so the passes will have to wait until tomorrow. He may not go due to an upcoming personal inspection - best uniform, presseed, shoes shined, hair cut - everything perfect. But he may still go because he'd like to get some beer. "As you probably know N.C. is dry and [he] can buy only beer." He needs to get authorization for civvy shoes and thinks he can get a shoe stamp at the base. He's found another Catholic, so they are both going to Mass. They are both also giving up smoking for Lent - a little late though. His buddy from Dix, Abe Aaroni is now in the Signal Corps. The place he's at in N.J. is terrible. Lew Harwick - his beer drinking pal from Dix is at Aberdeen Proving Grounds in the Infantry, but his cold from Dix has developed into pneumonia so he's in the hospital. He ends with a couple jokes, like the cycle of man:
1. Tri-weekly
2. Try weekly
3. Try weakly

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