Sunday, March 4, 2018

The War Letters

February 29, 1944

"Today has been a tense one so far and I'm glad it's over." He took psycomotive apparatus tests today and part 1 of the physical. PT II is tomorrow. He was too tense and feels he did about average, but then they don't need average men for pilots. Got paid too - $36.87 "more dough on me now than I have ever had to carry about" and he doesn't like it. The packages arrived last night! So did Bealy's. Boy did he get razzed walking the 1/2 mile back to the barracks with 3 packages. "Oh joy! Oh bliss and happy day. Socks and ties were grand..." The food stuffs hit the spot and the lads helped him finish them up. Seems the brownies and the ones with the pecans were a tie for the favorites. Missed Mass again - lack of priests and he couldn't find where they were holding it. He requests that his family and others don't send "so many nice things" as they are a temptation. This request is in anticipation of his upcoming birthday. He's afraid the temptation among the fellows may be too great.

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