Sunday, March 4, 2018

The War Letters

February 28, 1944

"Well I've been in the Army a month now." Today was his exam to see if he qualified for Air Crew. He doesn't feel good about it. H'e baffled that a man with no experience with planes is expected to qualify. Probably because they don't need men now, they've started to give the tests even before any training. Next tests are physical and psychomotive apparatus tests. It takes two weeks to get the  papers rated, so he'll know by then. Splurged 15 of his 33 cents and saw a show last night - "Broadway Rhythm. Don't miss it - more entertainment per minute than any picture [he's] seen in a long time." Yesterday the priest told the Catholics they were "forbidden" to go to another religious service in town. It seems that other religious groups have been giving Sunday dinners gratis to the soldiers and the priest views it as a "come on" for another type of religious service after dinner. Then why do they make it so difficult to find a Mass?

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