Sunday, March 4, 2018

The War Letters

March 3, 1944

"Well I must confess that I didn't write yesterday." He's been on K.P. and went to see Ida Lupino in "Our Times." Good thing too. Sergeant came in and took all the remaining fellows for night K.P. It was a stage show and radio broadcast with a Post band - compares to the outfit at Shea's Buffalo. Finished processing yesterday. He and Rudy Knitter, from Buffalo, made Mass yesterday, went to get mail, sneaked into Mess Hall on the other side of camp because they never would have made it back to theirs in time. He took part II of physical. That evening, he absorbed a few 3.2 beers at the PX. Finally all the pressure of the tests is over. 3 hours of Carbine instruction in the field today and it was freezing, then an hour of P.T. Of all things, today was a dentist appointment. None to be pulled and 3 to be filled. Only cleaned today - fillings come later. Some of the fellows had 4-6 pulled in a sitting. Might go to town tomorrow night. Got a ration coupon to get some shoes. "This will be [his] first formal step in a concentrated drive on the women of the South - can't get going with [his] present clodhoppers on...too heavy for going out of 2nd story windows, crawling out from under cars, etc."

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