Sunday, March 4, 2018

The War Letters

March 4, 1944

"Well as the [stationery] indicates, I've hit Greensboro in a very mild manner but before I become too involved in this evening, I guess I'd better hit today's happenings." He had 3 hours of "dry fire" with the Carbine. All this in the wet and cold and with no ammunition. This afternoon, being the 1st anniversary of B.T.C. #10, they have a big Southern fried chicken dinner with all the trimmings. Whit e table cloths and a jazz band while dining. They started shipping fellows back to their old outfits or P.O.E. tonight. After lunch, they had parade, all in class "A" uniforms, rifles, and cartridge belts. Over 2,000 men in review - he was quite taken in by the spectacle of it. He's distracted writing because he's at the U.S.O., in a dance hall, with a bowling alley below, and oodles of women - "a lot of cuties too." He's proud that he's writing home when this is the first time he's been "this close to women in almost a month." He and his buddies are taking it easy and careful because "fornication" is a crime in Greensboro and some of these cuties look 25 but are only 14 or 15. And with that thought in mind...

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