Friday, June 23, 2017

Capt. Dan Entrican another of #theunfamousones

When I was 12, our Girl Scout Troop rolled bandages for the Vietnam soldiers.  Our Troop Leader, Mrs. Rideout asked us if we wanted to send away for a POW bracelet.  Many of us did.  My bracelet read:  Capt. Dan Entrican USASF 18 May 1971.

My original bracelet was aluminum and I wore it until it broke. I remember checking the papers every day to see if he had come home after the war had ended.  I never found his name on the list. Over the decades,  I never forgot him.

When the Internet started, I did a search and found out what had happened to him, and that he had never been found.  It makes my soul weep.  I found a place online where I could replace my bracelet, this time with a stainless steel one that would not break. I wear it everyday so he is never forgotten.

In 2015, the traveling Vietnam War Memorial came to Lockport, NY and I went to pay my respects...but I could not leave my will remain with me until I join Capt. Dan.

He is another of  #theunfamousones who I would like to recognize.
My new bracelet says:  Lt. Danny Day Entrican, 18 May 1971 SVN/MIA (deceased)

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